Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Protein Power - Almonds

A while back I mentioned that I was planning a series of posts on different types of vegetarian proteins. I have been slacking on getting them done since I am having computer issues but I decided to get started today on one of my favorite proteins, almonds.

I never used to like almonds, they were one of the things that my Mom was always trying to force me to eat (she still hasn't won me over on the walnuts, I try to eat them but I just don't like the flavor, or that a walnut half has what looks to me like a spider. I couldn't find a picture of it, I tried to google. Do yourself a favor, don't google walnut spider.) For whatever reason though, I really came around on the almonds and I eat several almost every day.

The almond is a good source of nutrition, high in fat like any other nut but if added to a meal plan in small amounts they are a good way to get more calcium, fiber, vitamin E and of course protein. There is research that a diet that includes nuts has cancer prevention and heart health benefits as well.

Another daily staple of my diet is almond milk. Some of my buddies on MFP have said that it is pretty gross, but I disagree. I have never been a milk drinker and I don't sit down to a nice glass of almond milk either. I use my almond milk to mix in with my vega shakes or if I am having a bowl of cereal. It is so tasty when used in that manner, and healthy too! My boyfriend will mix up a glass of chocolate almond milk, he gets the unsweetened and adds his own stevia. He says it is great for dunking cookies in, but that defeats the purpose in my opinion, but sometimes you have to make baby steps.

Speaking of my boyfriend, he likes to chef up some Asian stir fries from time to time and he has found a way to incorporate almonds into that as well. Try rice noodles with a bit of your favorite Asian sauce (I like Pad Thai sauce but read your labels for sodium content and watch your portion) with diced veggies like red and green peppers, shredded carrots, onions, really the sky is the limit, just pick your favorites and experiment with the ingredients until you find something that really tastes good to you. Once the noodles are cooked, toss them in your veggies that you have sauteed to taste with a bit of olive oil. I also like to add some Sriraccha sauce too since I like it spicy! Then for finishing touches I add diced green onion and of course the almonds. I usually some in a ziploc bag and beat the hell out of them with a rolling pin or a hammer or whatever blunt object that I have handy. Then I sprinkle the almonds on top and voila! Yumminess! Man, writing this made me so hungry. I think I know what is for dinner tonight!

So long story short, eat some danged almonds already! What are you waiting for?


I made the noodle dish last night and it was so delicious! The best part is there are a bunch of leftovers so I am sharing it with my coworkers for lunch today.

Cooking up the veggies. Loads of carrots, so colorful!

The finished product, so tasty!

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