Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last 10 Lbs!

My original goal when I started making these goals was 155, even that seemed an unattainable number. Along the way I decided to shoot for 145 as an ultimate goal. Well today here I stand at that 155 and I can taste 145 (and maybe I might even go a bit lower who knows!) I have changed the numbers around a bit here and there. One of my big goals is to be officially in the “normal” range which would be around 148 lbs for me since I am 5’4 and a half (the half counts for a pound or so, lol) I am getting closer and closer to that number, although it is a pretty meaningless number since I think that I weigh higher than others that look similar to me. Like a lot of women however, I have some body dis morphia issues so it is always hard to know where I stand.

In some ways I feel very excited about my progress, and in other ways I feel defeated because I still feel “fat” sometimes. I am working very hard to improve my body image issues and not to worry so much about appearance and to focus more on health and fitness. I decided this week that my long term goal will be to take a fitness theory course and to hopefully teach some fitness classes or even do some lifestyle and fitness coaching. I may never do all that, but a fitness theory course would be something that I am interested in doing even just for my own benefit. I am planning to take the course when I return from my east coast trip in the fall, and then I may take other related courses or even some nutrition courses to broaden my education. I want to take something that I am passionate about and take it even a step further by doing this.

So here are some of the things that I am planning to do to lose the last 10 lbs and to tone up as well:

• Gym workouts in the morning at least 3X per week

• Complete food diaries or at least stick with what I know is healthy and on my plan

• Take my son to the track or hiking at least 2X per week

• Add more fresh and cooked veggies into my meals

• Do more blogging, the more I focus on health and fitness and education the better off I will be

• Find a way to improve my self image and confidence

• Do the Grouse Grind at least 5X this summer

Those are a few things that I plan to do, I am sure I will think of more and tweak things along the way. I am pretty excited!

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