Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Year Later. . .

Last spring I said to myself, enough is enough! I made a commitment to myself, my health and my fitness. I joined MFP, started exercising and counting calories. Since that time I have lost over 30 lbs, I have become vegetarian, have ran a 10K race, learned to ski, and so much more. I have met so many amazing and supportive friends, which has really made all the difference. It means so much that people all over North America (and a few abroad) are supporting me, and are also out there doing the same things as me. I love to help support all of them as well, it motivates me when I am having a down moment also.

I am currently 15 lbs away from my goal. It is harder to lose when there is not that much left. It is pretty surreal, I always remember feeling so overweight and that my goals were so far away. Now I am quite close and it is pretty exciting! I have plans and motivations in place to get there by the fall and I am so confident that I will achieve what I have set out.

My first mini goal is to get to 159 by May 27 when I will be attending the Sasquatch Festival. I am so excited to go there, we went 2 years ago and it was the most amazing experience and I know that this year is going to be spectacular as well. I am heading out to buy a tent this afternoon. After Sasquatch I am aiming for the wedding in October. I ordered the size 6 dress, I can't fit it yet, but it is only in the bust, so worse case I can have it altered if the ladies don't shrink (I won't complain if I get to keep them, and I am sure my boyfriend feels the same)

I signed up for the Trek for BC lung, it is a 200k bike race over 2 days. I have to raise $475 so if any of you feel inclined to donate, it is for an excellent cause, here is my donation page.

I have been taking progress pictures, I cringe at some of these. Even on the current ones, I still see a lot of areas that I want to improve on (my arms are HUGE!), but I really can see quite a difference and I am glad that I have these to look back on. I am going to share them all today, I can't wait to post the last set when I reach 148! (That is my current goal, but I will most likely aim for 145 but you never know)

Sorry it's blurry but it is the only side shot I took that day, I remember not liking these pictures.

These were taken June 22, weight 182

Taken Sept 1 2010 Weight 170

Taken April 30 2011 Weight 163!

Feel free to add me as a friend if you are on MFP, I can't wait for this summer and for all the good days to come in the future!


  1. Great work! Congrats on your continued success.

  2. well done that is amazing!!!!!! :)