Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to be a Gymrat!

Well I took the plunge on Friday and I joined a gym. I have been a member of gyms off and on since I left high school, but I haven't been a member since my son was about 2 and he now is about to turn 10 (scary).

Well I was driving past one on my way to the library the other day and decided to go in and check it out on Friday when it was too rainy to run outside. Since last spring when I started getting healthy again, I have been mostly working out on my own. I have been walking, rollerblading, biking, doing wii fit, swimming, skiing, and most recently running. I have been using the rec center for the few times I have been to an actual gym (or more often for the swimming). But I have been stuck at this weight for a few months now (give or take 5 lbs) and it is time to kick it up a notch yet again.

I am a bit nervous about the commitment, but I will just have to make sure that I make the best use out of it since I am investing $28 a month. I picked a gym that has lots of group classes, since that is one of the big things that I want to do at the gym. As the weather gets nicer I will want to be out running, blading and biking. Since I am training for the sun run I need to make sure that I get outside and run as often as I run on the treadmill.

So tonight is the big night where I meet my trainer, weigh in and measure. I am a bit nervous about it since I think that I will have gained some weight. I tried to be extra good on the weekend but that just puts pressure on me and I did eat a few bad things. No matter what the numbers are, it is a starting point to the next step in my journey.

I will come back tomorrow and post the measurements and some new goals!


  1. That's great! Good luck :] I love having my gym membership because I get into patterns. For awhile, I loved working out at home and just walking outside and doing my Jillian video but the last 3 months, I've LOVED working out at the gym! And now, I have a personal trainer (I bought 5 hours and have 4 left to use) to help me reach my goals. He's seriously kicking my ass. I had him give me a routine for abs and legs and I've been using that for the last month and have seen my measurements change and he gave me a routine for my arms yesterday and I'm SUPER sore so I'm excited to see those get smaller too - they've already gotten smaller just this last week by a quarter inch and half an inch, YEA!

  2. I am loving it do much already. I really needed this to shake things up and start seeing results again.