Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Goals

Ok so I know that spring doesn't officially start until March 20th (less than 2 weeks!) but I am going to go ahead and call these my spring goals since they are going to carry over until April 17th when I do the sun run.

My weigh in and measurements at the gym went not too bad, although I was surprised at the measurements, I must have been pulling the tape tight since my numbers have been lower, but whatever. I don't remember all the numbers but overall I am pretty square so one of my big goals is to try and define my waist more. My new gym has some great ab machines and my trainer taught me some ball exercises to do as well. She is going to teach me some tricep exercises to help tone my arms as well.

I have been using my wii fit to weigh in and cheating a bit on my weight. But I have been doing it all along so my lbs lost is still accurate, my starting and current weight were not. I have now gone and changed it. Time to face reality. I weighed in at 172.5 at the gym but that is with shoes so I am considering it 170 since that is what I see on the bathroom scale (give or take a few). So overall it is not too bad and I am ready to get back under 170 again!

So without further rambling, here are my goals and my plan for the next month and a bit.

  • Gym workout M-W-F at minimum. Do cardio, circuit weight training and abs.
  • If I do those 3 workouts I can also do a group fitness class as a bonus.
  • Do one long run per week, it can be the cardio on one of my gym days.
  • Focus on lots of fresh veggies and some fruit
  • Make sure to have fun!
If I do these things then I will see the results that I want to see, mainly the scale going down again and getting closer to my goal of a healthy BMI.

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  1. Love it! These are simple goals that you can achieve. I want a healthy BMI too. By Jan 2012 I should be 145pds. From 255 pounds. You are doing awesome.