Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Goals

Another month is upon us already! I am excited and a bit nervous about what this month will bring, but mostly excited. There may be some positive changes at work, either way I am quite happy with my job right now and I am excited for my future. I have my big holiday coming up on October 1 and of course my surgery is Sept 17, that is the only thing I am a bit nervous about but I am sure that since I have been working so hard on my health that it will go smoothly.

Let's review my August goals and see how I did:

Lose 6 lbs which will put me at 169! Well I am 169.5 as of this morning so close enough!

Swim 3 times a week I didn't do too well with that one, but I did go a bit, I am going to keep trying on this one. Since the weather will probably not be good enough to enjoy the outdoor pool I will have to aim for once a week I think.

Bike 2 times a week Again not so well on this, but I had a setback in my personal life so I am going to repeat this as well.

Walk on my break 3 times a week Pretty good on this one, except for the 2 weeks where I was super stressed.

Get my water intake back up to 100 oz a day Again I did quite well with this one, not the whole month but most of it.

Stick with my healthy eating habits Same as the rest, but I am back there now pretty much.

Do the situps challenge I am currently starting week 5 tomorrow, as well as I am doing the squats challenge.

Do upper body toning Haven't done this one, I will repeat it.

As always have fun!!! I did have a lot of fun this month, with the exception of the couple weeks where I had a broken heart. I went hiking a couple times (love it!) and did some swimming, biking and I have worked out with a new friend a couple times as well. All in all, taking into consideration the exceptional stress I was under for part of the month, August was a success!

Now for September I am going to make 2 sets of goals, pre and post surgery.

Pre surgery:
  1. Swim once a week
  2. Bike twice a week
  3. Hike once a week
  4. Walk on my break when weather permits
  5. Keep up the water intake of 100oz a day
  6. Stick to healthy eating and stay in strict food cost budget
  7. Finish situps and squats challenge
  8. Do upper body toning
  9. Exercise in the morning at least once a week
  10. Integrate my son into the exercise more
Post Surgery
  1. Stick to healthy eating, be sure to shop before hand so healthy choices are easily accessible
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Rest enough, don't push to exercise right away
  4. Start by going for small walks when I am ready
  5. Enjoy the downtime, do lots of reading and watch a lot of TV
  6. Get ready for disneyworld!!!
Well it will be an interesting month for sure! I am feeling very jazzed today and I am excited to see how everything turns out! I had a goal to be 165 by the time I go to Disneyworld, I am pretty close now, but I am not going to put pressure on myself to make it there, but if I do, all the better!

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