Friday, September 10, 2010

Progress Pics

A friend of mine posted this pic today that was taken in June, right after I joined MFP. I must admit I was quite surprised to see how I looked. You really don't think of the big picture sometimes and it is inspiring to see how far I have really come, and I am only halfway there.

When I get to goal I will take a bunch of full body shots, I have been taking them all along but they are not super flattering, I will wait and see what things look like when I get to my goal. But I am pretty proud of my progress so far and I can't wait to enjoy the rest of my journey, and my life!

My cats were being so cute that they had to take part. This is Griffin he is my more emotionally stable cat, but he can tend to be aloof, or a bit of a jerk, making lots of noise and such.

Brodie is more of a spaz, he gets freaked out really easily and if that happens he might scratch. But most of the time he is the biggest suck and sweetheart, cuddles with me every night and begs for pets from any guests.

My hair is a mess, I am a bit of a mess today but why not. I look at the top image and I realize how powerful denial is, I didn't feel that I looked that way. I feel pretty much I look the same no matter what weight I am, just sometimes I need bigger clothes sometimes!

I am feeling really positive about everything right now, and all I have coming my way. I have been crunching numbers in excel, having a blast with the formulas. I am making a plan to move into my own place by April 2011. I am very excited! I just have a few debts to pay off first, and if I can stick to my budget as well as I can stick to my journalling and other health efforts, then I will do spectacularly!

My boys and I are heading out for a long bike ride somewhere tomorrow if the weather cooperates, knock on wood. My folks are lending us the car and we are going to drive to a special spot to bike. I have a couple in mind but I haven't decided yet. I will be sure to take pictures!

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