Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hanging in There

Well my surgery went very well, I was super nervous but the hospital folks know their business so I am still here. I enjoyed my 5 days in bed, although I got pretty bored. I found it hard (and I still am) to just take it easy after all the activity I have been getting since I started to get healthy. I am going to start taking some more small walks, but not pushing myself at all. Today is my first day back at work and I feel a bit more pain and a bit of dizziness as well so I am trying to take it easy.

When I was in the hospital and the nurses were checking my vitals I made sure to look and see what was going on, my blood pressure was excellent, I bragged a bit about my low sodium diet. Post surgery the nurse asked me if I was athletic since my resting heart rate was nice and low. It made me feel pretty good, I made sure to tell her that I had recently lost 20 lbs.

Now that I have lost those lbs I don't want to find them again. I have to be quite vigilant about my diet, while at the same time not being too hard on myself if I am not perfect. I want to start exercising again, but my body is not quite ready. I think that just sticking to short walks until I go to Disneyworld will be best, and upon my return from vacay. . . LOOK OUT!!! I am going to sign up for a fitness class and really kick it into high gear and see how much progress I can make before the year is out!

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