Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wonderful Weekends 3 - Playland

Was I ever sick this weekend! I am finally starting to feel better but this cold really took a lot out of me! I spent a lot of quality time with my bed and crappy movies. To me there is nothing better than watching truly awful movies when I am sick, it takes my mind right off how awful I feel.
I did manage to drag myself out of bed on Sunday to take my son and a friend to Playland and we had an amazing time. The weather was perfect for an amusement park, it was nice and cloudy in the morning so the crowds were minimal, and it cleared up later in the day so that we were able to dry off from the log ride.

We did have a bit of a fright, we rode the Crazy Beach Party ride and right before we went on it, we were told that it was undergoing maintenance for about 5 minutes. We came back to ride it and all was well until halfway through the ride when we heard a large crunching noise and the ride shifted a bit. The ride came to a stop and they announced that the ride would be undergoing maintenance for 20 minutes, it didn't reopen for the rest of the day. Before this happened I thought that the admission prices were too high, after that I decided that safety was worth the cost.

All told, good times were had by all. We came in with 2 kids and we left with the same so that has to be a successful day right? My son is a bit of a chicken but I rode pretty much all the rides, even the Hellivator. I am really looking forward to Disneyworld now! 2 months to go!!!


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