Wednesday, August 4, 2010

200 Challenge

So yesterday I started the 200 sit ups challenge and I already feel that it is going to be a great way to get my tummy in shape. Back when I started getting healthy I did a ton of crunches, but I wasn't as focused on my form. For my initial test I was able to do 42 which puts me in week 3 of the program. You are meant to do it 3 times a week so I decided to alternate it with the 200 squats challenge as well. I also want to do some arm toning this month but I am not sure exactly what I am going to do for that. Yesterday I went in the pool with my son for a while and he has an underwater surfboard so while walking the perimeter I would do 20 or so push downs on the board in front then do the same behind me. I think that will be a good arm workout. I also bought a kettle bell at the beginning of the year that I have yet to really use. I also have a resistance band in my office that I could use. I like to do these things on my breaks from work since that keeps me motivated throughout the day.

I am super pumped about the month to come, and all the months after that as well. . . life is AMAZING!!!

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