Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Goals

Well I would consider July to be a fabulous success! Most importantly I really enjoyed myself and all the changes that I am making to be more healthy. Here were my goals for July:

  1. No weighing in I caved on this one but I weighed in a lot less
  2. Stay on task with the good habits I have built: exercise, diet and MFP You betcha! I did great with this one!
  3. Eat more vegetarian meals, and when eating meat make it organic I ate a lot more veggie meals but I haven't found a convenient place here to buy organic meat.
  4. Enjoy the nice weather (it is coming, I just know it!) Our weather was amazing last month and I really did make the most of it!
  5. Swim everyday for at least 10 mins I haven't been swimming enough, I will have to make sure I get in there before the weather turns
  6. Enjoy the summer and spend lots of time with my boy! Totally! We have been having so much fun!
Now for August here are my new goals:
  1. Lose 6 lbs which will put me at 169!
  2. Swim 3 times a week
  3. Bike 2 times a week
  4. Walk on my break 3 times a week
  5. Get my water intake back up to 100 oz a day
  6. Stick with my healthy eating habits
  7. Do the situps challenge
  8. Do upper body toning
  9. As always have fun!!!


  1. Organic meat - this place may not be convenient, but the money you will save makes it worth it, we bought all of our meat there when we lived in Pitt Meadows. There is also a good source of other organics a few doors down called Roots Natural Organic Health Foods, their meat is v. expensive, but they have a lot of other organic products that our big box grocery stores do not have.

    Organic Meat World - Maple Ridge

  2. I will check that place out. I used to work down by the whole foods on Cambie, I love that place!