Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess Who's Overweight???

Yesterday evening I decided to weigh in, I haven't seen a loss for a little while and I was so close to dropping down into the overweight BMI that I was getting impatient. For me an afternoon weigh in almost always is heavier than a morning weigh in (probably it is for most people). So I was excited to see that my weigh in yesterday was just a bit higher than I was before, this meant that I would probably see a nice loss this morning. My bf also weighed in and saw a loss that put him only 1lb away from being in the overweight BMI as well. I am not gonna lie, there may have been threats of bodily harm if he got there first.

I am still feeling quite sick from my cold, and the only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the possibility of being overweight (it also prevented me from eating something naughty at the food court last night). So obviously the big news is that I dropped 2 more lbs and I am now officially OVERWEIGHT!!!! I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of my Wii Fit screen, but such is life.

I got back on the wii and I am still overweight, check it out!!

Oh and when I was looking for the remote I uncovered this little kitty under the covers, awwww!

I am now 175 lbs, I think the last time I was this weight my son was about 3 years old so almost 7 years. And I am not stopping here, anything I lose from here on in will put me at a weight I haven't seen since junior high school!

Thanks to all my MFP pals for all the support and thanks to me for making myself a priority!!!


  1. Good for you!!! I'm currently overweight and pushing closer to a 'normal' weight. Hopefully this cold and moving won't take too much of a toll.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  2. Thanks! Good luck on getting to "Normal" I don't know if I will get there or not, right now I am aiming for 155lbs which is still 10 lbs away from normal, but we will see how I feel when I get there.

    Colds are crappy aren't they! And moving on top of it! I don't envy you!

  3. Good job Sista! Especially avoiding Food court food!!!! :) You can do it! ... So happy for ya!

  4. Thanks! I got back on the wii to see if I could get a pic and I am still overweight in the afternoon, I am adding the pics now :)