Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonderful Weekends 2 - MGMT and Canoeing

What an amazing weekend! John and I had been waiting anxiously for the MGMT concert, it was such an incredible show too! The tickets sold out in the first 2 minutes of the presale so we were super lucky to be able to attend. Here are a couple videos of the night, the first is from the beginning of the show and the second is taken from the back of the crowd. I love being at the front, but sometimes there is not enough oxygen for me since I am short and when there are taller people packed all around you it is challenging.

Is it just me or is it annoying when short people complain about not being able to see anything? I am a bit on the short side but I usually have my man with me and he is taller so I always have to listen to people complaining. Have they not been to a concert or public event before? Should all tall people be made to stand in the back so that the shorties could see? Really people, find a spot where you can see, or just listen to the music and enjoy the vibe.

The rest of our day leading up to the event was also fabulous, we went to a lounge downtown, then wandered around until we saw a sign that said "Best Cheesecake in Vancouver". Now I know what you are thinking, "That is not part of a healthy lifestyle". . . well to me when I see something like that I think that it is meant to be so we went for it. We shared a piece of white chocolate banana cheesecake, and although I don't eat enough cheesecake to be an expert on the subject, I would say it was pretty darn good!

After the concert we had pizza (I know, another bad me!) but in the past I would have had 2 (or 3 let's get real) pieces covered with meat, this time I had one slice of cheese pizza. I entered all of my sins for the day on MFP (including booze) and I was only over by a bit, and luckily the next day I had. . . .


After all the anticipation we almost didn't go out canoeing on Sunday. After being out late at the concert I actually stayed in bed until noon. Usually I can't sleep in even when I have the opportunity so I was happy to have a bit of rest. I was worried that the canoe place wouldn't be open too late but we got out to the lake by 3 and they were open until 7 so we got a good 4 hours worth of fun and fitness in.

I was the designated driver and I ended up being the designated rower as well since John got a bit tired after a few beers and I was raring to go after sleeping in so it worked out very well for me. I haven't been canoeing in a very long time so it was really great to get back out on the water again. We are thinking about buying a canoe since it was $50 to rent for the afternoon, it is smart to purchase one instead. We are also going to look at other lakes in the area to see if they are any cheaper. We would really like to get out again this summer.

B.C. is really such a beautiful place to live, we are lucky and we make sure that we take the opportunity to be outside when the weather is nice. Even though we get a lot of rain here most of the year, this summer has been amazing for weather.

Next weekend is going to be another pretty good one, we are hitting up Playland! Rollercoasters!!! Skee ball!!! Hooya!!

**Interesting spell check note, apparently canoeing is not a word, oh well I now officially deem it a word!


  1. You are truly blessed with an amazing life! Enjoy yourself to the fullest!

  2. Where were you canoeing?! Love your blog will keep checking back ... I don't know how to blog lol my life isn't that interestnig.

    Funny though about MGMT, I only know that one song they do, and every friday night my friend sings it at Kareoke ... big smiles! hah

  3. We went canoeing at Alouette Lake, it is beautiful out there! I am dying to get out on a camping trip, hopefully we will be able to find the time. It is hard because my bf works evenings on the weekend so one of us needs to take time off work.