Friday, August 27, 2010


Well I made it through another week! Good progress in the later half of the week, I am feeling like I am really going to bounce back from this setback with flying colors! I discovered frozen organic edamame at the grocery store (can't believe I never thought to look before) and I am in love! I have had it a few times at Japanese restaurants but it is such a convenient thing to have in the freezer at work, I am going to buy a bag for my freezer at home to eat with dinners as well.

I had a wonderful evening yesterday, I went out hiking at Mt Seymour with John. We got all the way out there (about 40 mins from my house) and it started raining. But we didn't let that deter us, we went for it anyways and in the woods there wasn't any rain and only a tiny bit came through in the lighter patches of forest. It was all uphill and I did great! We were out for about an hour, it was eerily quiet there, I guess due to the weather and time of day. We both got a bit freaked out thinking that a bear or a serial killer was following us, so the way back was still a good workout, even though it was downhill we were hauling ass trying to get out, lol.

I didn't eat a proper dinner before hiking so after I munched out on pretzels and I had a bit of chocolate left in my drawer from earlier in the week when I was being naughty. I was not going to log it but I decided to go for it and I wasn't even over on calories, just carbs and a tiny bit over on fat which is not the end of the world. Today I am off to a good start, I am excited about this weekend. I have some healthy meals planned for me and my son, and I also have some good active things in mind for us to do.

I was planning to put a soup in the slow cooker this morning but a mysterious beeping noise woke me up at 3am, eventually I figured out that it was the carbon monoxide detector (it was just malfunctioning) but after that I couldn't sleep so I was too tired to make the soup this morning but I am going to make it tomorrow. I think it sounds very yummy so I am looking forward to it.

All in all I had a very good week, I brought back the activity to my life, did fairly well with the eating habits, water intake has been very good, and I have a lovely clean house to go home to at the end of the day. Things are looking up!

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