Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday

Well I had a pretty good weekend, I had hoped it would be a bit better but life sometimes has other plans. My son was at his Dad's last weekend then my folks took him away, then he was back at his Dad's so I didn't see him for almost a week. I had big plans for us on Saturday but he ended up being sick in bed all day, this is not uncommon for him, he gets headaches or abdominal pain then he vomits and needs rest. It is frustrating since all the doctors I have taken him to ignore the problem since he is chubby that is all they see. He had an ultrasound when he was younger and they said that it was related to one of his ureters (the tube that carries urine to the kidneys) but they said he would grow out of it but he hasn't. Rant over.

I did make my Cauli-tato soup on Saturday, I thought it was pretty good. I modified the recipe a bit, I couldn't find Yukon gold (except in a giant bag that I wouldn't ever be able to use up) so I used white potatoes, and I used white onions instead of shallots and I added garlic. Also I didn't make croutons and I didn't add extra salt. My son really loved it. I served it with a bit of cheese and it was quite yum! Plus there are leftovers so I don't have to cook tonight!

So Sunday we went out to Richmond and went to Watermania (wave pool) and had a good time. Then we had a healthy picnic lunch and Daniel played in the park.

I have been doing quite well with reintegrating my healthy habits, but the candy monster has crept back in. So the goal for this week is to banish the sugar and candy from my diet, sadly this includes wine. I know that I can do it. Tomorrow is pay day so I am going to go and get healthy groceries and arm myself properly for the battle. I am ready!

This upcoming weekend could be a very good one, if the weather is nice enough John and I are going to go on a 2 day hike!!! I am pretty pumped about it! Also one of my friends is ready to get on board with me for some fitness, the plan is to get up early tomorrow for a yoga class then there is a spinning class Wednesday morning that sounds good as well. So it should be a great week!

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