Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

I have been working fairly hard at this since April, I have been tracking my food and exercise with MFP since May 31. I didn't start weighing in since May 31 so I know I have lost more than 13 lbs but I am not sure how much. I am starting to feel thinner, and the pictures are starting to show that to me as well, but when I try on clothes sometimes I still feel too fat. I know I am being too hard on myself and I am making a conscious effort to focus on the things that I feel better about and I am trying to leave that negative voice in the past.

Today I am wearing a size 12 capri that I know shrunk a bit in the wash. I have been able to wear them all along, but my belly used to hang over the top when I sat down. My arms are starting to get a bit smaller too and I am feeling much more confident about wearing sleeveless tops. Also shorts! I used to cover up my legs and only wear capris and the like, and now I am wearing shorts! I can't wait to hit up the thrift shop again and pick up some more. Down the road I might even get into some short shorts! You never know!

I have been doing quite well with my eating this week. I have been taking Vega twice a day as well as healthy snacks and a small dinner. I was finding myself a bit too hungry at the end of the day the past couple nights so I have planned to eat a bit more throughout the day today to see if that helps.

I am so close to being in the overweight BMI I can taste it! 1.5 more lbs to go. I weighed in this morning and I was up a bit, but it was not an official weigh in so it doesn't count! But that may mean that my body is going to be stubborn and it may take some time to get over this hurdle. But I am working on patience. I have fun activities planned that are also incorporating fitness so it should be not too hard to get where I want to go. I am excited about going canoeing again, I haven't been since high school I think. Maybe even junior high! We are going to make a day of it on Sunday, pack a healthy lunch and maybe find a private island to eat it on!

Here are a few pics of me, the first is from when I was 19 or 20, I was around 140 lbs at the time, that puts me at a BMI of 24 which is in the normal range, I am not sure if I will get that small again, but if I do I will be way fitter than I was here. And also a lot healthier, I used to drink and drink and drink back then, lol!


This one here is me when I was pregnant with my son. I was only 7 months along here, he was a BIG baby! He was born 10 lbs 5oz and this is why my stomach will never be the same again.


And I found this one in one of the albums and I just had to share. This is Daniel making cupcakes for his 3rd birthday.


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