Friday, July 16, 2010

Hill Chasing Adventures Part 1

So when I head out on the bike sometimes I just like to go for distance, sometimes I am going out with my son so I have to take it easy, and sometimes I just want a quick killer workout. That is what I call "Chasing Hills". Instead of picking the route that is the flattest, I actively search out hills so that I can go up them as fast as I can. It is actually very fun, once you get used to biking it is not even that difficult.



So I went out with John yesterday and took a few photos. The hill you see above doesn't look too steep but it is one that I had trouble with initally and yesterday I went up it in the hardest gear and at 10 km/h, I was going down the hill at 20 km/h so that is pretty good!
I had him take some of me as well so that I can see my progress. I hesitate to take photos of me right now since I don't want to feel discouraged about my less favorable areas, but I am making more of an effort to focus on the things that I like about myself and also thinking that when I do get slimmer I will want to see where I was before. Also I don't want to wait around for a magic day when I am "perfect" to start enjoying my life and all of that.



After work today I am going to swim with my boy and I am going to chase some more hills after he goes to bed. Can't wait!


  1. Good work out! You make it look like fun, I bet it is!

  2. I think it is pretty fun! I used to bike a whole lot a few years back and I fell out of the habit. Now that I am back on it it is so much fun! I am excited to get a trailer hitch so I can hook up a bike rack to my car so we can go on some bike trips!