Friday, July 16, 2010

Future Me

Today is a big day for me, it is my 4 year Freedom Anniversary. I was separated from my ex for a bit but we were still trying to work it out. But I knew deep down that I was headed in a different direction and that he would not be able to change and would continue to have the anger problems that would most likely escalate and who knows.

A year ago I found a site called and I sent myself an email and I had forgotten about it so it was a wonderful surprise to see it this morning.
Dear FutureMe,
It is now July 16th 2009 and the 3 year anniversary of my freedom. I have really accomplished a lot in this time, I finished school, got a great job, worked at an animal emergency clinic, made a lot of friends there and in other places. I have taken biology 12 and tried to take Math 11 to further my education and career. I will take math again in the fall and continue my upward motion to make a good career for myself. I recently bought a new car, which I sometimes think may have been a bit of a mistake, but I do enjoy the peace of mind that a relaiable car brings.

I am working now for Vitalaire in both the Vancouver and Langley locations, I am enjoying being in Vancouver, the skytrain commute has its pros and cons but overall it is a nice place to be. I love the shopping and the restaurants and whole foods. I also like having the ability to hop on a bus and hit up the lounge.

I am also about 9 or 10 months into the best relationship that I have ever had. I am really lucky to have found a partner that satisfies my needs in many ways. I feel so comfortable with him, he is just what I could have asked for. I love that I have a companion to do things with like going to concerts, travelling and just someone to share interests with and that makes me laugh. I love his smile so much and I love that he gets such a kick out of life.

We are headed off to vegas on the 1st of August, I am beyond ecxited, this will actually be the first plane type vacation trip that I have ever taken with a boyfriend. We are staying at the Planet Hollywood and we are there for 5 days. It should be really sweet, I am planning to do a lot of sitting by the pool, drinking, eating, dancing and of course fucking. I am really in need of a vacation since I was at a temporary status for most of the year, I don't get a lot of holiday time this year. But I will pack 3 weeks worth of holidays into my 5 days and being there with my love will make it all the better.

Daniel is really enjoying his summer this year. Even though I don't get much of a break to spend with him, I am trying to make the time that I do have with him extra special. The other night we went out to Steveston and had dinner, hit up the playground then had icecream and walked all around. Also John took him out yesterday to watermania and Daniel jumped off the highdive 4 times!!! I am so proud! He also was in art camp where he did really well, he really enjoys art and creativity.

Well that is all, I hope the next year finds me well and still on this good path, if not, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!

Remember how special life is and how lucky that I am to have what I have.

I am so proud to admit that I AM doing well and I am on an amazing journey and I am so HAPPY!!!

I uploaded my bike pics from yesterday to Flickr but I can't remember the account that I created so I will have to post when I get home. I am also going to outline the plan that I am on and the changes that I have made for those interested.

Make today a Wonderful day!!! Here are a couple pics from the trip to Vegas last year that I mentioned above.

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