Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 34 - Cleanse Day 6

Wow day 6 already! I thought that it was odd that we are almost out of cleanse pills since I thought that we would not be done for one more day but the numbers don't lie.

I woke up early today and had my lemon water and pills, then a bit later had flax oatmeal, apple crisps and a couple hazelnuts. I then had a nap and woke up and had tuna on toast (flour free sprouted bread) and carrots, oh and we used eggless mayo which has no sugar. Then I had a fruit leather bar for my snack and a shrimp salad with spinach and an apple cider vinagrette. I also ate some kashi crackers and craisins.

I was bored and thought I was starting to overeat so I got up and did my wii active and I feel much better now. I want to color my hair so I didn't want to fall asleep. I feel pretty good and I am ready for the FINAL day of the cleanse. Actually I don't really miss anything too much, I will probably not change my habits too much when this is over (I hope!)

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