Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 30 - Cleanse Day 2

Busy busy day! I am not doing any exercise at work since I am too busy but I will try to get some in later, but it is raining so I am not sure what I will be able to do.

Next Day Update
Well I actually did excellent last night! I got home and cleaned up my whole place then I did the Wii Active! It kicked my ass and I am looking forward to more workouts!!!

Today I had the same breakfast, oatmeal with flax, apple, banana and nuts. Snack was a boiled egg. Lunch was the rest of the salad and I was so full I had to force myself to eat it all. Snack will be another protein smoothie and dinner is chicken with brown rice and veggies again. Water is going down a bit slow today, but I am trying. Cleanse is going well, I feel a bit lightheaded, but not too much, and the effects are not too harsh, since I already do fiber and lots of water anyways. I also had an organic green tea, and I will have a cleanse tea at the end of the day.
Next Day Update
I stuck to the plan like a superhero! Dinner was a wrap with the brown rice and chicken with red peppers, I also had a bit of broccoli and carrots. Later in the evening I had some raw cashews and almonds and some fruit leather bites. I RULE!!!

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