Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 27

Well I had a super busy and crazy morning, I had to help out with a broken down truck, but at least it is already lunch time. I didn't have time to do any exercise yet and I am waiting for Tara to come back to see if she wants to come for a walk with me. It is beautiful and sunny out!
1:20 Update
Well Tara and I got out for our walk, and she is not kidding around, she is a powerwalker! She will be a good influence!
2:20 Update
I thought about being lazy for a minute when my exercise alarm went off, but boy am I glad that I was strong! I also added some more arm exercises, I have my sore shoulder so I am starting with my full water bottle as a weight. I bought a kettle ball but it is a bit too heavy, but I hope to use it more soon!
  1. 800 Crunches
  2. 630 Reverse Crunches
  3. 210 Squats
  4. 1460 Jumping Jacks (I have blisters from wearing bad shoes on my powerwalk so that's all I could manage)
  5. 235 Wall Pushups
  6. 420 Side Leg Lifts
  7. 420 Rear Leg Lifts
  8. 60 Tricep Extension
  9. 60 Tricep Raises

I had my oatmeal for breakfast and I didn't get a snack since I was out and about. I had sweet and sour chicken lean cuisine for lunch and I am getting a start on water #2.
2:20 Update
Going to have multigrain melba toast and finish water #3!
Next Day Update
I had to get my oil changed after work and by the time it was done I was so hungry that I was craving some real bad ass shit, but I compromised and went to quiznos and got a half bbq chicken flatbread with no bacon and one of their tiny sandwiches as well but I got turkey bacon club with no bacon (sounds odd but it was the only poultry one in the tiny sandwiches), then later on I had some liquorice and 4 cookies. I had a glass of wine as well.

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