Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 25

Ooh it is like the Christmas of my fit journaling!!! I am starting to get really into the habit of all of this, I am trying to kick it up even a bit more so that I will start to see some more results. I feel really good, and I think that I feel fitter but my clothes still fit the same and I am starting to feel a bit let down. I know it has only been a month, and I need to keep at it if I ever want to see results, so I am persevering!
Next Day Update
I seem to think that I did some exercise yesterday but I may have been too busy so either way it doesn't count towards my total
I am eating my organic oatmeal for breakfast and drinking my water. I also took my PGX. I have lean cuisine in the freezer for lunch and melba toast for snacks. It is gonna be a good day!!!
Next Day Update
I didn't eat my Lean cuisine, I cooked it then had some trouble on the phone and was not in the mood to eat anything. I later on had a protein smoothie and later still had melba toast. After I got home John and I decided to go to Cactus Club for dinner, we shared some calimari and I had 2 bellinis (BAD!) and I had hailbut soft tacos for my entree (Good!) and we shared a dessert (BAD!) lol!

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