Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 20

Well day 20 feels like a milestone of sorts, I am very happy with my progress so far, there are a few areas that I need to improve on and I have so far to go still but I am on my way.
I have had days where I have felt like I am seeing progress, today is not really one of those days. I ate too many cookies last night so I am going to do 1000 Jumping Jacks today! Why not!
First set of 100 done!
12:20 12:20 Update
I am now up to 600, it is getting tougher though, I just had lunch so I should have more energy now, but I will digest before attemping the other 400 that I need.
2:20 Update
HOO YA!!!!!!!!!! I rule!!! 1000 Jumping Jacks done, I will add them to the total when I get back to my regular exercises tomorrow. Phew, I am a bit sweaty now!

I brought a cup of soy chai to work today for breakfast and also I brought a lemon to add some zing to my water bottle. I also brought some gorilla munch (Daniel's organic cereal, he suggested it) and some multi grain Melba toast as well as a frozen Cajun steamer bowl for lunch. I am all set for the day!!
12:20 Update
I had the cereal for my 10 am snack and the steamer bowl for lunch, it was not bad, but not enough veggies so I had a cup of carrots as well. I am eating my melba toast too. I am halfway through water #2 as well.
2:20 Update
I am still pretty full from lunch, I am almost halfway through water #3, I will probably have a snack in a little bit, maybe a protein smoothie.
Next Day Update
Hmm last night, what did I do. . . Got home and hung out with John, we watched intervention and had a glass of wine and a babydel and a vache cheese. Later on I made a frozen thin crust cheese pizza. We had dry gorilla cereal with a few marshmallows for dessert. I think that is it.
Water total:

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