Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 16 After the Fact

Well Friday night and Saturday were kind of nuts, I took some time to do pretty much nothing at all, and I didn't eat the greatest. But I knew that I was just wallowing in my blahness for a couple days since Sunday was when I was getting right back on track, and I did. I didn't get a chance to post though.

We went out skiing, and my oh my I really love it! It was the last day though at Grouse, but I am really looking forward to next season, I am so happy that we already have our passes for next year and that they were so cheap! I did quite well on the hill yesterday and I feel great today!

After we got home from skiing we were cold (it was snowing on the hill and pouring in the parking lot, we got soaked!) so we had a sauna, I sat in there for about 40 mins or so, but I didn't sweat as much as I would have liked. I will try to get in there again soon and hopefully get a better sweat on.

I had my oatmeal for breakfast, then we had McDicks on the way home from skiing (I know but we were starving!) but I only had one grilled Thai McMini so it is not too bad. Then when we got home I had a tiny slice of multigrain chicken pizza that we had leftover from saturday. Later on I cooked some Yam Superfries and I made a spicy fat free yogurt dip to go with them. I think that is prety much it. I took my PGX and did pretty well with water as well.

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