Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 15

15 is my favorite number! I am feeling pretty good today. It is Friday so that is always a good thing. I have to leave early today so I came in early. It is nice and quiet here in the morning. I am planning to get some good exercise in today, I need to finish off my goals on the leg lifts and other than that I think that I will mix in some new stuff for today.


I am having maple organic oatmeal today, I took my PGX and I am almost halfway through water #1, a good start so far! I don't know what is for lunch but I will make it a good one. I am on my own for dinner so I will have to try and make that healthy as well. I tend to not make the best choices when it is just me since it is a pain to cook for me so I tend to just buy something, I might do that today but I will make a good choice with what I buy.

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