Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enough is Enough

Ok time to get serious with this shit again. I was feeling super motivated this morning and now I have had nothing but computer problems here and at home and I want to punch my monitor in the face.

But I am ready to get going on this again. I tried on some of my skinny pants this morning and they actually fit pretty good, except for the Mom gut but there is really not much I can do about that since it is loose skin and it is not going anywhere until I can afford the surgery.

I have been doing pretty well the last little while and I am ready to take things up a notch. I am going to start doing my exercises at work and keeping track on here of all that I do. I am going to drink a fuckton of water and eat small meals throughout the day. I bought some soy chai drink to have first thing in the morning since that is a weak point for me. I have my herbal tea and a big bottle of water on my desk and at lunch I am headed to the drugstore to get some PGX.

Nice weather is here and I want to feel my best for the summer time. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!


  1. Oh lordy....I need to get on track too. I have been sooooo tired because of my new job and all of the lovely other stress that I have in my life. I should be back to bikini bod soon enough.

    LET'S DO THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!