Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 1

10:30 am

What has worked really well for me in the past is exercise on my breaks and setting goals for amounts of each type of exercise that I want to do. Ideally I would like to do a morning and an afternoon 10 minute exercise break and if it is nice an sunny out, a 10 min walk at lunch time. If I do this 5 times a week then any other exercise is just the icing on the cake (mmm cake, lol!)

Ok so here is my 10am exercise count:

  1. 60 Crunches
  2. 15 Squats
  3. 40 Side leg lift
  4. 40 Rear leg lift
  5. 20 Wall pushups
I can't remember all the exercises that I used to do but this is a good start. My goal for the rest of april is:

  1. 1350 Crunches
  2. 350 Squats
  3. 900 Side leg lift
  4. 900 Rear leg lift
  5. 450 Wall Pushups
  6. *New 300 Calf Raises
I will update after my 2pm exercise break.

12:00 Update
Actually I went out for a brisk 15 min walk at lunch! It is such a nice day out! I will have to bring some better shoes to walk in since my cute shoes are not the best for fitness walking.

I will update again at 2, I have programmed my phone to remind me at 10 and 2 on weekdays to MOVE IT!!!

2:10 Update

  1. 90 Crunches!!
  2. 15 Squats
  3. 40 Side leg lift
  4. 40 Rear leg lift
  5. 20 Wall pushups
  6. 20 Calf Raises

  1. 150 Crunches
  2. 30 Squats
  3. 80 Side leg lift
  4. 80 Rear leg lift
  5. 40 Wall pushups
  6. 20 Calf Raises
Next Day Update
Last night we did a fuckton of walking around downtown yay!

10:30 am
As for eating and water, I would also like to keep track of this. I am going to try anyway, but sometimes follow through is difficult, but everyone says that when you are trying to be healthy, it is good to keep track of what you are eating.

1 cup soy chai drink

Organic chocolate graham bears

Bottle of water x 1
Large cup of herbal tea with splenda.

I am going to chug back this water now and refill it.

I will update my food list after lunch :) I have thai lean cuisine and I am going to pick up some multigrain melba toast for my afternoon snack.

12:30 Food Update
Lunch was great! I took my PGX, had a Greens + smoothie and a Thai chicken with Brown rice Lean Cuisine.

I am on my 3rd water bottle and feeling great! 2:10 Update On bottle 4, on my way to #5!

Tonight John is making chicken wraps for dinner so the day should end well. I bought reduced fat wheat thins for my afternoon snack since the drug store didn't have my multigrain melba toast, but I have some of them at home so I will have some for my after work snack. I will probably not update food until tomorrow since we are headed out to see the Turn's last show downtown tonight!

Next Day Update
On my way home from work I had 4 peach penguins and a bottle of water, then I had 2 glasses of wine. We went out for the night and I had 1 chicken strip, 3 fries and a few carrots and celery with ranch. Then later on I had a 3 rye and 7up and 2 shooters. After we left the club I had a small slice of hawaiian and a slice of chicken with peppers. When I got home I had 2 more large glasses of water. All in all not too bad considering. On to today's!


  1. mmmm....cake. I need to do a food journal and exercise journal for sure. Although lately my exercise journal would be blank for sure...LOL

  2. Ya, it is really helping me. I am going to update it a bunch during the week and on the weekends just a bit, I already did my morning exercise today I feel so great!!!