Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 8

WOO HOO!!!! Day 8! I am so pumped today! I set my alarm for 5:30 so that I would have advance warning of needing to actually get up at 6. But I am so excited about skiing today that I couldn't get back to sleep. I got starbucks but I don't think that I really need it. I am out of here at 2:30 so my schedule may be a bit off. I may do some exercise early or something, but I am skiing later so even if I don't get much else done, there is that.


9:15 Update
Here is my new total:
  1. 1020 Crunches

  2. 455 Reverse Crunches

  3. 290 Squats

  4. 580 Side Leg Lifts

  5. 500 Rear Leg Lifts

  6. 185 Calf Raises

  7. 310 Wall Pushups

  8. 30 Jumping Jacks

I added jumping jacks on there to get my heart rate up a bit, time to kick it up a notch!!! I am proud that I am over 1000 crunches already, I am getting close to my goals!

11:50 Update
It got really beautiful outside so I couldn't resist going out for my 20 min walk.

Next Day Update
Wow what a day yesterday!!! I am so excited about skiing! We had a good time (after a shaky start) once I got my ski legs back on it was so much fun, and I am sure it was good exercise too. We also got half price passes that are good for the rest of the season and next season as well so we are going to have so much fun with this! I just need to find myself some good gear for next season, I am borrowing John's mom's so it is very much less than ideal but it will do for the one or two times we will get back out there.

Like I said, I got starbucks. I got a tall soy chai (if I get too fit I might lose some of my boobs so I am trying to drink soy to encourage them, lol!) and a multigrain bagel with 1 pk of light cream cheese. I took my PGX and I am halfway through my first water.

9:15 Update
Well I should have a snack now even though it feels early, I am on an early schedule today. I will have fiber cookes and I am halfway through bottle #2, I will drink that back and move on to #3!
11:50 Update
I don't have a car today and I am out of lean cuisine so I had to hunt through my desk to find some lunch. I decided on cup a soup, I had two packs and a serving of the chocolate fiber cookies and my PGX. I am still on bottle #3 but. . . . Ahh all gone, I will fill up #4 right after this! I never did have my morning snack, but I will have a smoothie at 2.
Next Day Update
I had my smoothie but I was still hungry when John picked me up for skiing so I had a turkey bacon torpedo (the smallest sandwich that Quiznos makes) and 1/4 of a V8. Then while skiing I had a chewy kashi bar and more water. After skiing we had this frozen chicken and veggie meal together. Later on I had some sunchips and a couple pieces of candy, and a couple pieces of multigrain melba toast. I think that's all, oh and I drank more water as well.

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