Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 7

Well it looks like I am hitting the one week mark. I am quite proud of my progress so far. Today will be a busy day at work so I may not be able to post much, but I will try to get as much exercise in as possible. I am packed up for yoga tonight yay!!

12:50 Update
I did get my 10 am exercise done, here is my new total:
  1. 880 Crunches

  2. 455 Reverse Crunches

  3. 280 Wall Pushups

  4. 250 Squats

  5. 440 Side Leg Lifts

  6. 420 Rear Leg Lifts

  7. 155 Calf Raises

I also got out for my walk even though it is raining (the rain even slowed down for me!) My calves are a bit sore so I walked a bit slower than I have been.

2:00 Update
I managed to get it all done even before I was supposed to start. I didn't push myself too hard since I have yoga tonight and skiing tomorrow night. Here is my new total:

  1. 920 Crunches

  2. 495 Reverse Crunches

  3. 290 Wall Pushups

  4. 270 Squats

  5. 540 Side Leg Lifts

  6. 440 Rear Leg Lifts

  7. 165 Calf Raises

Next Day Update
Yoga was AMAZING! I am getting really strong, I even did a shoulder lift which I have never done before. I am going to try and make it my wed thing to do. I feel so great!

Breakfast was maple cinnamon organic oatmeal, not as sweet as the apple, which was nice. I took my PGX and I am almost halfway through my first water. I have lots of snacks and I have a lean cuisine in the freezer as well.

12:50 Update
I had my lean cuisine thai chicken again. I am all out now so I will have something different tomrorow. I am on water #4 so that is great! I had chocolate fiber cookies for my morning snack, I may have the same this afternoon or else I will have a greens + smoothie.

2:00 Update
I am going to go for the smoothie, I didn't have one yesterday so I will go for it today. I am still on water #4 but I will use some of it for the smoothie, drink the rest and go get #5 right after!

Next Day Update
Last night I actually did quite well. We went out for dinner after yoga, but after exercise you tend to make better food choices. I had the soup and half ceasar. The soup was bean and bacon but it had lots of veggies in it. I shared it a bit with John (as I did the salad) so I did really well. It was the brew pub though so I had a raspberry lager since it is so delicious there I HAD TO!!! I did talk John out of getting dessert and we went home and had dried mangos and some granola crunchers (100 calories). Later on in the evening I had a couple pieces of candy though, but it was still a successful evening.

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