Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 5


I brought a mat today to do my situps and such on, I will update my total after my 10:00 exercise break. I also brought my runners so I can go for a walk at lunch without hurting my feet too much.

10:15 Update

New Total:
  1. 480 Crunches
  2. 235 Reverse Crunches
  3. 165 Squats
  4. 300 Side Leg Lifts
  5. 290 Rear Leg Lifts
  6. 195 Wall Pushups
  7. 90 Calf Raises
2:30 Update

I went out at lunch for a 20 minute brisk walk, it is super hot and nice out today!!!

Then I did my afternoon workout here is my new total:
  1. 580 Crunches
  2. 285 Reverse Crunches
  3. 205 Squats
  4. 360 Side Leg Lifts
  5. 340 Rear Leg Lifts
  6. 245 Wall Pushups
  7. 120 Calf Raises

Next Day Update
When I got home I jumped on the trampoline for a bit with Daniel, then John and I went swimming. I kick ass! I also went out to walmart and bought some sports bras and a yoga top!

I had too much going on this morning and I forgot to pack a lean cuisine for lunch so I am not sure what I am going to have. I am having organic oatmeal with flax for breakfast right now with a glass of water. When I go to refill my bottle I will have a large glass of herbal tea as well. I have snacks to eat in my drawer so all I need to worry about is lunch, but I can hit up the IGA or get something healthy if someone wants to go out with me at lunchtime. I took my morning PGX as well.

10:15 Update
Well oatmeal was good but really filling. I have to have a snack now though, let's check the drawer. . . 11 organic teddy grahams sounds good.

2:30 Update
Lunch was thai chicken lean cuisine with noodles, packed with veggies! I took my PGX as well. I am about to have a greens + smoothie for my afternoon snack. I am almost done water bottle #3, but I still have to drink my tea. I will chug all of that back to get on track.
Next Day Update
John made me a chicken and rice dish with broccoli and asparagus, it was pretty yum! Then after swimming I ate some broccoli then the candy monster got me a bit again, dammit! But it was still a good day!

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