Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 12

Well I had to come into work early today so that I can be home for when John has to go to work later. I am a bit sleepy but not too cranky. The weather is crappy so I am not sure what kind of exercise I will get done after work since I was hoping for Daniel and I to get out on the bikes, but we will see. I will get my work exercises done, and we will see about lunch time walking due to the rain and also due to the fact that my runners are at home and I have clogs on.

10:00 Update
Well the weather has cleared up a bit so I may get out for a bit of a walk at lunch after all! Here is my new total for this morning:

  1. 1355 Crunches (GOAL MET!!!)
  2. 660 Reverse Crunches
  3. 375 Squats (GOAL MET!!!)
  4. 740 Side Leg Lift
  5. 720 Rear Leg Lift
  6. 425 Wall Pushups (shoulder injury is bugging me today, taking it easy here)
  7. 180 Jumping Jacks

12:45 Update
It actually got really nice and sunny out so I went out for my walk, it was a good one. I talked to John the whole time so it went really quick. I wore a sweater today over a tank so I am HOT! In more than one way ;)

3:00 Update
A little late this afternoon but here is my new total:

  1. 1455 Crunches
  2. 720 Reverse Crunches
  3. 400 Squats
  4. 770 Side Leg Lift
  5. 780 Rear Leg Lift
  6. 450 Wall Pushups (GOAL MET!!!)
  7. 200 Jumping Jacks

I have met some of my goals already which is AWESOME!!! I will keep going though and push it on those that I have not met yet. May goals are going to have to be a bit tougher!!! :)

Next Day Update
Didn't do a lot last night as I was a bit pooped, but I did bounce on the exercise ball for 5 mins.

I packed up a bunch of oatmeal and this morning I had organic oats with flax. I am also halfway through my first water and I took my PGX.

10:00 Update
Snack time, I think I will go for veggies and hummus again, mmmmm. I am still working on that bottle of water, I will have to CHUG!

12:45 Update
I had my leftover soup from yesterday, it was pretty good. It had lots of celery and broccoli in it, mmmm. I am almost halfway through liter of water #2. CHUG CHUG!

3:00 Update
Had chocolate fiber cookies for my snack, I filled up my 3rd giant bottle of water today, ahh refreshing. John is working tonight so it is just me and Daniel. I am not sure what I am going to cook, something simple.

Next Day Update
I made Daniel a quesadilla but I decided to have nachos, I had a reasonable portion with organic chips, I put onions and tomatoes on it as well. Oh and before dinner we had broccoli and carrots with homemade honey mustard dip. Later on I had some melba toast for a snack and over the night I had 2 glasses of wine.

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