Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 11

Mondays are, well everyone knows what Mondays are. This is not too bad of a Monday but I would really rather be at home. I am excited for the week ahead. I am hoping to get out and do yoga this wednesday, get out for a bike ride or two and also to get my last ski day of the season as Grouse closes on Sunday.

All in all I have great momentum going and I can keep it up for sure!!!

Today I am going to do my normal exercises plus I am hoping to go for a bike ride after work.

10:40 Update
Here is my new total:

  1. 1255 Crunches
  2. 600 Reverse Crunches
  3. 355 Squats
  4. 700 Side Leg Lift
  5. 640 Rear Leg Lift
  6. 410 Wall Pushups
  7. 120 Jumping Jacks

I need to come up with a new exercise to replace the calf raises, probably something with upper body, maybe I will bring a weight in and do something with that!

3:00 Update
Got busy working, plus the boss is here so I had to look busy and I was late doing my exercises, but here we go, new totals:

  1. 1355 Crunches
  2. 660 Reverse Crunches
  3. 400 Squats
  4. 740 Side Leg Lift
  5. 700 Rear Leg Lift
  6. 460 Wall Pushups
  7. 170 Jumping Jacks

I came in this morning and got my hot water all ready for my oatmeal and I checked the drawer and found none :( So I made passion tea with the water and made a protein smoothie and took my PGX. I fille dmy water bottle halfway before I left for work and I filled it up to the top again when I got here. I am now about of a third of the way through it and drinking fast. I am thinking for lunch I will go to booster juice and get a wrap and a small smoothie. Tomorrow I will be more organized and bring something, plus bring more oatmeal, I really miss it!

10:40 Update

Time for a snack, ooh I have veggies in the fridge, I will have carrots, cucumber and hummus! I filled up the water bottle again and I am making progress with it, the good thing with this huge bottle is that I only have to drink 3 of them and with less back and forth to the cooler I find that I am drinking more.

12:40 Update
Went out for lunch today, got war wonton soup (no beef) and saved half of it for lunch tomorrow. Also had chinese tea with it. I am still on the same water bottle, I will have to get to drinking!

3:00 Update
I am going to have some fiber cookies, I am on bottle #3 now and I will try to finish by the end of the day, if not I will take it home and finish. I ROCK!!!

Next Day Update
When I got home I had more of the mexican salad, John cooked some leftover chicken as well and added it. They had pizza but I resisted since I would rather have pizza that was more yummy than the one they had. I also had lots of water. I had one glass of wine, then I added smoothie to the last bit of it and it was so good! I had a couple of cashews as well. Later on I had some multigrain melba toast and two bites of a chocolate easter bunny (bad me!)

All in all I think it was a good day.

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