Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review of Goals

Goals for the Month This was for September, I didn't do any more goal lists, BAD ALLI!
Make a list of goals each week FAIL
Do not get discouraged if I miss a few Well I did stick with the goals in my head, and although I didn't do as well as I had hoped, I didn't give up.
Work on schedule once I sign up for school, make sure to allow lots of time for homework and exercise I didn't make enough time for exercise, but I did a bit. I made homework a priority and am getting an A in math!!!
Clean out storage shed, finally THROW AWAY WEDDING DRESS!!! Also get rid of all the junk that has been sitting out there for so long. Find counter top grill to be able to cook more healthy meals in my suite I didn't get this done yet, but it is not my fault since my Dad built a new shed and blocked me temporarily
Do additional tidying So so on this one, I am still working on it
Update goals and thoughts on here minimum once a week fail
Enjoy my time with my folks out of town We did have a good time, but that was a while ago :)
Goals for the Next Year and Beyond
Continue with all above goals and continue to look for new ways to improve I am doing pretty good with this
Continue with school and take further courses to get ready for post secondary education Success
Become more financially responsible so that I will be able to travel and purchase a home
Purchase a home by the end of 2011 Getting better @ this
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch with good friends Doing pretty well with this also.

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