Thursday, October 29, 2009


Feeling pretty great today! I have been doing really well. I have been taking my supplements, drinking lots of water, and I had a super busy day at work so I was walking around briskly quite a lot. I packed a healthy lunch, carrots, multigrain chips, and italian wedding soup. I am heating up some organic lasagna for dinner right now.

I have been doing tons of clothing organization so I found that I actually have a few pairs of jeans that I never wear so I decided to donate my "fat jeans". I am not that attached to them, and I can fit into the smaller ones just fine and I want to go down not up, so it makes me feel pretty great!

Math is still going very well, I have to do a bit of homework this weekend to make sure that I stay caught up. That A is within my reach!!!

I need to focus on the positive and life will take care of itself.

Time to watch Glee!


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