Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeling Psyched!!!

I weighed in last night with no change, but that is pretty good since I have been eating more sweets than I should be. It is taking its toll on my skin, I have breakouts like crazy on my chin! I remember once I mentioned to an adult (back when I was a teenager) that I was happy that I was almost finished with pimples. She laughed at that notion.

However, I am still keeping at it! I have something coming up in the next couple weeks that I want to be as slim as possible for, plus all the other reasons that I want to get fit and healthy of course!

I was taking that fiber stuff, but it is quite expensive. I have been a bit tight since I am saving up for car insurance on boxing day (great timing I know) and so I have only been doing the tea and aloe caps occasionally. My buddy at work told me about PGX and it is on sale so I picked up a bottle. It does the same things as the fiber, but it is a gelcap and it is only $20! So I am giving that a go. I find that when I am taking supplements then I am more likely to eat healthy, and for the times that I slip up, it is a helper then! Chrissy said it really makes her feel full so she is not wanting to snack as much.

After my car insurance is paid then I will be able to book my flight for Vegas, I am FOR SURE in so don't worry about that. A Flight is $247 right now, but I will keep looking for a bargain and see. I am cool to stay wherever, there are busses and taxis to get us to the strip. We both deserve a holiday!!!

Anyhow, I better get back to work (actually I am done work so I am reading, shhhh)

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