Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gearing up for Summer!

So I have been doing pretty well overall. I have been holding steady around 171lbs for the past couple of weeks. I was around 155 so it is a bit disappointing to have gained, but I am still proud of my progress and I am never giving up!

Last summer I had the goal of doing the Grouse Grind 5 times, and I didn't even do it once. This year in order to kick my own ass into meeting that goal (and maybe even exceeding it) I have purchased a local's pass. This way I never have to worry about having cash on me (you pretty much have to take the gondola down) and it also gives me access to the mountain for days when I don't want to hike up. I can take the gondola up and hike around up there or have dinner at one of the restaurants (the bistro has an amazing beet salad!). I also bought a pass for my son, so I am keen to get him up there with me as well. I even have a friend who is going to hike with me sometimes.

I am planning to head up there after work and take my first stab at it. It might take me a long time to haul my ass up there, but I am going to give it a go!

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